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Toodles Cthulhu Multi-Console PCB

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    Core builders in the fighting game community are familiar with the Multi-Console Cthuhlu. Designed by notable FGC veteran Toodles, the versatile PCB can handle a wide variety of modern and legacy consoles including:

    • PS3
    • PS2
    • PSX
    • PC
    • Gamecube
    • Wii through Gamecube controller support (Includes Smash Bros. Mode)
    • Xbox - Manufactured 2001 (Not 360 or XBoxOne)
    • Dreamcast
    • Sega Saturn
    • TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine
    • NES/Famicom
    • SNES/Super Famicom


    Fully Assembled. Nearly-Solder Free Install. Auto-Detectable. Cross-Connectable

    The Multi-Console Cthulhu features 20 screw terminals, used to connect both button and directional wires to the PCB. A standard USB "B" jack is built in to allow a short USB followthrough cable to a Neutrik NAUSB connector.  You can also attach a full size USB cable to your PS3 console or PC. For PC and PS3 support, the installation is solder-free.  For legacy consoles, solder connections allow you to wire a short RJ45/Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cable to it or wire the console cable directly to assigned solder points on the PCB.  The  short RJ45/Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cable connects to the back of a Neutrik RJ-45 connector, in which your legacy console cable connects to.  Legacy console cables outfitted for RJ45 such as XBOX, PS2, and Dreamcast are available through joystick builders on SRK. will begin adding legacy console cables starting with PS1/PS2 in due time.

    For those with custom cases, the MC Cthulhu allows Start and Select buttons to activate the PS3 in game menu.  This reduces the need for a extra "Home" buttons to perform this task.

    The MC Cthulhu will autodetect consoles such as PS3, PC or Xbox1, via the USB jack or via the RJ45 jack. If it sees an Xbox360 and the Imp V2 Dual Control PCB is installed, the MC Cthulhu shuts down and tells the Imp to switch over to Xbox360 mode, again through either USB jack or RJ45. It also autodetects legacy consoles through the RJ45 jack or direct soldered to the Cthulhu.

    VCC Lines allow several powered devices, such as Perfect360, Sanwa Flash, Suzo Inductive Powered joysticks, and LED Controllers to connect to the MC Cthulhu.  Four ground terminals help to recitfy ground loops, which are unwanted and potentially dangerous electrical currents often caused by improperly designed or installed electrical components.

    XBOX360 Pad Mod Compatibility

    Note that the XBox360 is not included in the list due to the company's use of a hardware security chip. That said, the MC Cthulhu has connectors to accept a wired XBox360 controller PCB to work around this limitation and give you full console compatibility. Please note that installing an XBOX360 pad is a challenging mod and usually reserved for experienced joystick builders and enthusiasts.

    Instructions Included.  Plenty of Online Support.  Firmware Upgradable

    The MC Cthulhu comes with a printed guide that details the connection and wiring points for the PCB, how to connect it for testing via your PC and USB port, plus helpful tips for installation. The MC Cthulhu is also firmware updatable via software (Microsoft .net required if not already installed). The PCB also enjoys broad support from the fighting game and arcade community with an active forum on  In the forums, you'll also have access to legacy console cable designers.

    Here are several resources to help you get started with the MC Cthulhu.  Check our video section for helpful information regarding installation of the MC Cthulhu.

    The MC Cthulhu by Toodles is a solid PCB that experienced joystick builders have considered the standard multi-console solution.

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    1. Awesome product!

      Until now, I have not actually installed the PCB, but only tested it briefly.The product is of good quality; it was sent in an atistatic bag along with printed instructions (a two-paged letter-size sheet) and two stickers (cthulhu pcb, focus attack). However, as I was ordering from Germany, shipping and customs fee in total were almost twice as much as the value of the actual goods! on Sep 9th 2015

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