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20-Pin Joystick/Button Harness

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    The 20-pin joystick button harness simplifies DIY fightstick builds or mods by incorporating the most common wiring and connectors into a single harness, accessible by the 20-pin expansion found on after-market fighting game control PCBs such as the Brook Universal Fighting Board with Headers or Brook PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio v2017 (PS4/PS3/PC).

    All in One

    The 20-pin joystick.button harness includes a 5-pin JST PH connector common with the Sanwa JLF family of joystick levers.  However it is compatible with the Seimitsu LS Series as well by flipping the connector upside-down so that it matches the Seimitsu lever PCB ground.

    You will find wiring and connections for eight action buttons, plus three option buttons. Often, the action buttons represent the punch and kick commands in fighting games, and option buttons refer to console start, select, and mode.  Each of the quick disconnects at the end of the wiring are .110" female , which are commonly attached to the .110" male terminal of Japanese style pushbuttons.

    A multi-connection daisy chain is available to ground each of the action buttons, and separate chain for option buttons. These will connect the pushbuttons as well.

    All of the wiring is attached to a 20-pin .100 female header.  This connects to the 20-pin male header that appears on fighting game PCBs such as such as the Brook Universal Fighting Board with Headers or Brook PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio v2017 (PS4/PS3/PC).

    Please click our "Support" tab for information on wiring colors and corresponding arcade and console buttons. On mobile? Please click here.


    As a design for creating a 20-pin connector for a wire harness that can utilize the 20-pin connection on Brook UFB and Audio PCB's below is a suggested layout. It is most important to not use the VCC pins on 19 and 20.

    The harness uses .110 quick disconnects to buttons and a joystick harness for direction inputs.

    Much thanks to Joey Wainwright of 801 Mods for the original article. new-window-icon.png



    See pictures below of an example setup of the 20-pin + .187 conversion harness and 4-pin harness in this Korean setup.



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    1. Great time saver!

      Much easier to just connect this to the 20-pin header on a Brook UFB (or AkiShop 360+ if you still have one) than to have to measure, cut, and connect all the wires to the terminal blocks. The layout is pretty clean, too. The only way it would be cleaner IMO is if you did the work yourself to build the 20-pin harness for your specific build. on Aug 29th 2018

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