Akishop PS360+ v2.10 multi-console PCB (photo courtesy of Akishop).

Akishop PS360+ Multi-Console Joystick PCB


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    Note: Akishop is no longer producing the PS360+ until PS4 compatibility without timeout reset is possible.  No ETA for restock was offered at this time.  We will provide updates as applicable.

    If planning to use Dreamcast, please rollback firmware to 1.65. On mobile? Click here for latest documentation and firmware updates.

    Long time arcade joystick veterans fondly remember the Akishop PS360 joystick PCB for its solder-free triple system functionality. The Akishop PS360+ increases versatility without sacrificing its ease of use as a solder-free PCB.

    Modern & Legacy Console Support

    In addition to modern consoles, the PS360+ adds an RJ45 interface for popular legacy consoles. Currently supported consoles are:

    • PS4 (8 minute timeout. please see "Support" tab)
    • PS3
    • PS2
    • PSX
    • Dreamcast
    • Saturn
    • SNES
    • NES
    • Xbox 360
    • XBox1 (1st gen - not Xbox ONE)
    • PC

    The PS360+ is software and firmware upgradeable to include more consoles in the future.

    Plug. Play. Prevail.

    The PS360+ is the first PS3 and 360 PCB of its kind to automatically detect between PS3 and 360 without the need of additional circuit boards. Featuring enough legacy and modern consoles for your assault on many fronts, the PS360+ is the one PCB that will make sure your equipment is tournament-ready. With the use of Neutrik USB or RJ45 jacks, you can create a professional-quality joystick with pluggable, swappable exterior cables for your console of choice.

    Using our 10 Connection .110" Ground Daisy Chain Wire, 16pc Wire with .110 Quick Disconnect , pluggable USB and RJ45 cables, there is little need for specialized tools, skills, or technical know-how to install the PS360+. You can build or modify an existing stick quickly and easily, getting you back to prevailing over your opponents faster than ever.


    The beauty of Akishop's PS360+ is its expandability.  The PCB is updatable via firmware; allowing you to manage console firmware revisions created to lock out unauthorized controllers. Though not released yet, there is potential for Akishop to offer an open source software environment that invites enthusiasts to customize, to add, or to control the PCB.  

    Versatile Without Sacrificing Features

    The PS360+ functions without requiring other PCBs. Nearly any commercial joystick or custom-built joystick can enjoy its robust functionality. For those joysticks too old to feature a home button, or for custom builds, the PS360+ can detect start + select as a home button. Additonally, the PS360+ offers easy access to its VCC and ground lines to allow for additional customization, such as LEDs, optical joysticks, or additional controller PCBs.

    The PS360+ is the first of its kind to automatically detect and report player guide LEDs on both PS3 and 360 consoles. Modern joysticks featuring guide LEDs can be adapted to this unique feature, allowing for professional-grade modifications to the functionality and LED presentation of the joystick.


    If you are installing the Akishop PS360+ into your joystick, it may help to know the dimensions of this PCB:

    99mm x 44mm x 18mm (L x W x H) or 3.9" x 1.73" x 0.71"



    The latest hardware is version 2.10, which was introduced September 25, 2014, addresses an intermmittent 1 frame input lag issue on Xbox 360.  All PS360+ devices we offer - unless marked otherwise - is the latest hardware.


    The PS360+ has documentation, installation instructions and support to ensure you have all the information you need to maximize and protect your purchase.

    Not sure what other items you'll need/want to PS360+ mod your stick? Click here for help.

    RJ45 Cables

    Focusattack.com offers 10 Foot Black Dreamcast to RJ45 Cable13 Foot Black USB to RJ45 Cable and 13 Foot Black PSX PS2 to RJ45 Cable.  At this time we do not have plans to offer cables for additional consoles.  However, there are many guides to creating your own RJ45 cable.


    LATEST FIRMWARE: Ver 1.66. Removed autodetection of PS4 for easier compatibility with SG drivers. (April 11, 2015)

    • PS4 8 min. mode forced ONLY with 1P+1K
    • PS3 BC forced ONLY with 1P+2P
    • If using on PS4 in 8 minute mode, you only have to force on initial plug in. Soft reset does not affect the mode.
    • v1.66 variants have the same properties as v1.5, just with 1.66 core updates.



  • Product Reviews


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    1. works out of box

      this was chosen for my friend's old ps2 ,works like a charm! on Aug 30th 2016

    2. There is no support at all for this

      **UPDATE BY FA **

      Please reach out to our support contact Joey Wainwright by email (support@focusattack.com) and he can work with you to troubleshoot the hardware.

      I admit I'm not the most tech savvy person but after I built the box and set it up, I plugged it in and my computer did recognize it. After perusing Reddit, shoryukyen, Google at random, and finally emailing askishop support I still can't use it. I managed to update the firmware after about a day of searching but that did literally nothing
      All I got from askishop was
      "Hello sir, Do you use USB 3.0 ports? If not, please try using it though a USB 2.0 hub."
      I had of course tried that. I used both the 2.0 and 3.0 ports in my desktop, and got a 2.0 hub... I've also tried it in several forced modes.. I also tried joytokey... but no one actually has been able to fix it.
      That being said sfV on ps4 works in legacy mode with no timeout, and Xbox 360 works very well. So it's just old and I feel that they just gave up on it.
      on Jul 26th 2016

    3. Buy for All Platforms Except PS4

      With the Brooks PCB that supports all consoles with no timeouts, it would be the successor to this board (since its the newest addition for all console support and solderless installation).

      Choose only this PCB if you're only playing on every console and platform except PS4. The 8 minute timeout is a hassle during long sessions of gaming. You would think during downtimes between your game you could just do the soft-reset, but doing this constantly during long gaming sessions (and perhaps sometimes forgetting, cause no one is perfect) you'll find yourself entranced by the game you'll forget and then your PCB will just stop working while in-game.

      I thought personally I would not get affected by the timeout, but if you're putting thousands of hours in your fighting game, thats just 1 more thing to worry about you shouldn't have. Should be concentrating on how to approach your next game and what to look out for.

      Other than that, if you're playing on any other platform. It is probably the cheapest alternative you can get price per dollar with solderless installation.

      On a final note, Brooks PCBs are approved for tournament use and eventually you'll bring your fightstick with you to someones house, tournament or event that may use a PS4. Considering most fighting games are going to be released for the PS4 its only fair to prepare yourself for such an event. I recommend the Brooks for Universal Console Support with no timeouts. This PCB only if you plan on ever connecting to a PS4 in your entire life.
      on Apr 16th 2016

    4. Beats doing a pad hack

      A friend of mine did a XBox 360 pad hack a few years ago and I got roped into doing the soldering for him because he can't solder. He came across this PCB a few weeks ago and wanted to convert his custom stick to use this instead of the XBox 360 pad so he could use it on his PS4. I spent more time cleaning up my crummy solder joints than we spent connecting everything to this PCB.

      My friend offerred his old XBox 360 pad to build my own stick since I only play on PC, but I declined and bought one of these PCBs to do my own build. I spent less than 5 minutes putting this PCB into my 5 hour long build.
      on Mar 29th 2016

    5. The missing part for my custom Hitbox

      This was my first order here, along with my first attempt to build a custom stick.

      I'm from France so I had my finger crossed that everything would work well.

      The connections were incredibly easy to make, no soldering at all.
      Worked on the PS4 out of the box (SF5 PS3 compatibility mode), worked on PC (both as a direct input device and a XBOX360 controller).

      Not a single issue, I'm quite a happy customer.

      I'll probably update the firmware one day, but up to today, it was not necessary.
      on Mar 28th 2016

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