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AllFightSticks 14" Body - Black w/ Window Panel Bottom & Side Holes

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    bradley beaudoin May 21, 7:58 PM EDT

    Important Note

    If you are buying this enclosure for the first time, the body requires a metal control panel to be complete.  Choose your desired joystick and button layout under "Add AFS 14" Panel?" option. Additionally, you can purchase an optional acrylic panel and custom artwork services for your chosen panel, discounted when bundled together in the same order.

    Commercial Fightsticks from Hori, Qanba or Madcatz can be cost effective and at times mod friendly.  That said, the durability of plastic - with the potential for broken cable doors, heavily scratched surfaces or worst of all, cracking after a fall - are tough to swallow when it happens to you.  More often, a commercial joystick isn't as easy to swap parts or upgrade, especially if you desire to install a Korean joystick lever. AllFightSticks 14" features a built-to-last, sturdy steel enclosure that is highly customizable, allowing you to install many of your favorite components. Best of all, it's at a cost that rivals or beats other steel enclosures.

    Extra 24mm Side Button Holes for PS4 Touchpad Button, L3 and R3

    AFS 14" Semi Modular Body - Three extra 24mm buttons on this model.

    This model of AFS enclosure includes three additional 24mm button holes, offering a total of seven option buttons when you include the 4 buttons on the main housing. These holes are commonly used for PS4 TOUCHPAD BUTTON, L3 and R3, and work well with the 4-Pin L3/R3/Touchpad Button Harness.  This harness can be used with the Brook Universal Fighting Board with Headers, the Brook PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio v2017 (PS4/PS3/PC) and Brook PS3 PS4 Fighting Board + (PS4/PS3/PC).

    An additional note: The four 24mm main housing option buttons are commonly used as PS4 OPTIONS, SHARE, PS BUTTON and TOUCHPAD BUTTON.  With the additional three side buttons in this model, you can consider using the available fourth button instead for a TURBO button, a feature available on Brook's family of Fighting Board PCBs.

    Window Enclosure

    AFS 14" Semi Modular Enclosure with Window Example

    In early 2018, a horrific mass shooting took place during a gaming tournament at GHLF Game Bar in Jacksonville Florida.  This event took the lives of two players, and prompted higher security measures at other tournaments around the country.  Of them was an enforcement of checks for weapons in backpacks, and even Fightsticks.  Addressing the inconvenience of opening up one's Fightstick to check for weapons was just one of the many reasons the AFS 14" Semi Modular Body with Window is a great choice.  

    In addition, the window provides a fantastic way to display custom wiring with the use of TechFlex and heatshrink in a variety of colors, or as a window to a vibrant and colorful LED lightshow. You can customize with paper artwork, or create a special laser etch.

    AFS 14" Window Etch Example

    Your Way to Play: AFS Control Panel

    AFS 14 enclosure features a unique construction that accommodates multiple control panels

    AFS' top body construction includes a unique cut out to accomodate joystick and buttons in various configurations.  As of this this writing, you will not see this designed into another steel enclosure.  This cut out provides a cost-effective way to offer multiple joystick and button panels. Those savings are passed onto you, giving you the freedom to choose a new panel without having to buy an entirely new enclosure.  If you feel like switching to a Noir button layout, or want to experiment with a stick-less, HitBox-inspired layout, simply swap to a new panel.  Current layouts available:

    AFS Vewlix 8 Button Panel AFS Noir Button Panel AFS Stickless Button Panel
    Vewlix 8-Button Panel Namco Noir 8-Button Panel Stickless Panel
    CAFS Sega 2 Player 8 Button Panel Korean Namco Noir 8-Button Panel Korean Sega 2-Player 8-Button Panel
    Sega 2-Player 8 Button Panel Korean Namco Noir 8-Button Panel Korean Sega 2-Player 8 Button 
      AFS Shiokenstar Panel  
      Shiokenstar Panel  

    Important: if you are purchasing the AllFightSticks 14" Body for the first time, you will need this panel to complete the build.

    More panel configurations are on the way, allowing for greater customization and compatibility.

    Joystick Mount on Enclosure: Expand with Kowal Flat Plate Converter

    AFS 14 enclosure has a novel JLF compatible mounting system

    When AFS designed the 14" enclosure, one of its challenges regarded how to offer its signature feature - an easily replaceable control panel top.  To do this, the joystick mount is cleverly built into the enclosure's top.  With 4 screws ending with a steel and nylon nut, any JLF compatible joystick can easily mount into the enclosure.

    Thanks to the feedback of players like Joey Wainwright, the 5-pin connector is accessible from the top via a special cut near the joystick mount. If you frequently swap panels, you could build out a panel complete with plexi, buttons, and 20-pin harness.  Should you desire to swap to another panel, you can do this without need to access the bottom panel. Simply unplug the 20-pin harness from the PCB and that harness' 5-pin female extension that connects to the joystick lever. Next, lift the metal control panel from the AFS 14" body. You can then install the new panel that has its own buttons and 20-pin wiring, reconnecting to the PCB and the 5-pin extension to the joystick lever.  If swapping to a HitBox layout, you can use the 5-Pin HitBox Conversion Harness and connect this to the female 5-pin female extension.

    However it doesn't stop there.  Those looking to install other Japanese levers such as the Seimitsu LS-32 or LS-40, or Korean levers like the Myoungshin Fanta or Crown 309 can utilize the KOWAL Flat Plate Converter - which you can option bundle for a 25% discount - and expand its mounting capabilities.  The AFS 14" enclosure can accommodate them thanks to its mounting system.

    Sanwa JLF compatible mounting system is built into the top of the AFS enclosure Kowal Flat Plate Converter expands your joystick mounting options  Mounting Korean joystick lever into AFS enclosure

    Option Buttons, Neutrik Port

    The AFS 14" has a total of four 24mm size option buttons in the back, perfect for Playstation 4's L3, R3, Option and Touchpad Key.  A neutrik port, complete with screws allows you to install a Neutrik USB or RJ45 passthrough connector, which connects to your control PCB with a 18 Inch Male A-B USB 2.0 Cable, and outputs to a 10 Foot Male A-B USB 2.0 Cable or equivalent RJ45 to console cable.

    Neutrik port for NAUSB, RJ45 Neutrik Connector install behind port neutrik connector install with optional SCDP Rubber Boot Neutrik RJ45 module installed
    Neutrik USB/RJ45 port with mounting screws included. Mount from inside for a clean appearance... ...or outside with Neutrik SCDP Rubber Boot. Install is clean and accessible.

    Premium Features. Economical Price. No Hype Needed

    The AllFightSticks 14 Body is robust enough to house most Fightsticks components and wiring, while its powder coated black texture finish is both eye-pleasing and easy to grip.  It's all put together for you, and at a cost that allows you to choose the best tools to game with.  

    • Laser cut metal enclosure ()
    • 14" x 8.5" x 2.25"
    • Compatible with Sanwa JLF or equivalent
    • Compatible with traditional Korean levers by using the Kowal Flat Plate Converter found here  
    • (4) 24mm option button holes
    • (1) Neutrik connector hole
    • (4) Adhesive PCB stand-offs included
    • (4) Rubber feet included
    • All necessary screws included (Black Oxide)
    • Joystick mounting hardware included

    Personalize Your AFS

    Blue anodized M4 screw Silver M4 screw Red anodized M4 screw Purple anodized M4 screw

    In addition to the unique swappable control panel, you can customize the AFS 14 Semi-Mod Body with case accessories such as anodized color M4 screws, plus high-quality artwork and laser etched plexi covers.

    Bundle and Save with Kowal Flat Plate Converter, Plexi and Artwork

    The modularity of AllFightSticks Body allows for excellent compatibility with a number of Japanese joystick levers and buttons. For harmony with Korean-style levers, you can purchase the KOWAL Flat Plate Converter.  25% on the Flat Plate Converter when you bundle with the AFS case!

    You can customize the AllFightSticks Body panel with artwork and acrylic cover.  Save 25% on both plexi and artwork services when you bundle!

    Discounted prices for artwork and plexi services will appear in checkout.

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