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ASI Golden Lever Plate with Screws

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    The ASI Golden Lever Plate is incompatible with the following Fightsticks, due to restrictions in the inside housing:

    • Victix Pro
    • Nacon Daija
    • Razer Panthera EVO

    The ASI Golden series offers several solutions for Korean gaming enthusiasts.  The Golden Lever Plate (GLP) is designed to mount the ASI Golden Lever, or other Korean specific levers such as the Myoungshin Fanta Joystick or Crown CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 Joystick in a number of Japanese and Korean style enclosures and cabinets.

    Compatible with Japanese and Korean Panels

    Much like the KOWAL Flat Plate Converter, the Golden Lever Plate has multiple screw holes that line up with most Japanese and Korean style Fightstick and arcade panel mounts, such as:

    • Razer Panthera
    • MadCatz TE2
    • Hori RAP-RAPN Series
    • Hori Fighting Edge
    • Hori VLX
    • Qanba Obsidian
    • Qanba Dragon

    The GLP was recently updated to work with Noir style cabinets as well, however the Golden Base - an alternative to the Myoungshin Fanta's existing base that allows for customizable microswitch positioning - is required.

    The Golden Lever Plate is laser cut from 304 stainless steel - a solid, attractive addition to your case internals. 

    Use with Golden Collar to Mount in Japanese Fightsticks

    In addition to mounting in a number of Japanese Fightstick models, you can combine with the ASI Golden Collar - a solution that provides a low-profile mounting collar for traditional 35mm collar Korean joysticks levers.

    Purchase ASI Octagonal Golden Collar Mod Purchase ASI Square Golden Collar Mod  Purchase ASI Circle Golden Collar Mod 
    ASI Octagonal Golden Collar Mod ASI Square Golden Collar Mod ASI Circular Golden Collar Mod

    What's Included?

    The Golden Lever Plate comes with a set of four screws and washers to assist with mounting into your desired Fightstick or arcade control panel.

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    Golden Collar and Golden Plate

    Installing myungshin Fanta into japanese (sanwa) mounting arcade fight stick without modification using Golden Collar and Golden Plate
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