We're Back: Save 10-15% Storewide. 2X Rewards. Free Shipping!


We're back to serve you!

As owner of FA, I extend a heartfelt thanks from our staff to you and others for sticking around long enough to read this message, and to those among you who wished us well as  we took fulfillment control back from our 3rd Party Logistics provider.  As such, I'm thrilled to share some special deals you'll get to enjoy throughout the rest of 2018!


10-15% Off Storewide!

Now through November 21, you'll save 10% on nearly every joystick lever and accessorypushbuttonelectronic product and customization service that we offer.  Udon Entertainment comics and art books are included. You can save 15% on special collectibles and toys, while supplies last.

You'll see the discounts directly on every qualifiable product - no coupon code needed.

Some exceptions to this discount are fightsticks, which will carry their own discount up to 10% off. Brook products, which Brook commonly requests that vendors refrain from discounting, are also excluded.  That said, if you are a  FA.Rewards Member, you can still enjoy further savings by redeeming your gold and blue chips for a coupon code worth up to $20 off your purchase.  Hold on, because we're sweetening this deal even further for you.

FA.Rewards - Join for Free!

2x FA Rewards Until End of 2018!

Your  FA.Rewards are now worth double! Now through December 31, 2018, you can redeem money-saving FA.Rewards coupon codes - up to $20 in value - for 50% less gold and blue chips.  You're able to use your coupon code towards anything in the store.  Plus you can stack your coupon atop any existing discounts. This means it is easier than ever to save more for the holidays.  If you're not already a member, sign up to our free FA.Rewards program. 


Now through December, Free USA Shipping for Orders $40 and Up!

Many players like you have taken advantage of our  FA Economy $4.95 flat rate shipping for $40 orders of any size. Now, domestic USA shipping for orders $40 and up are free until the 11:59pm PST on last day of December!  Domestic USA shipping includes Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.  If you are player outside the USA, you can also enjoy 25% off the usual international rates when your order is $40 and over.

Thanks for Having Us Back

I can say that it feels quite good to re-open the store.  The most important learning experience I've personally gained from distributing order fulfillment to a 3PL is something I will never forget.  With few exceptions, no one cares as much about your own business as you do.  To the professional Fightstick builders honing their craft, or you simply trying to take ownership in your own endeavors, it's tough to trust someone else with your hard-earned work.  Sometimes it works out and you find a worthwhile business partner, and sometimes it does not. When trying to offer fellow players a better shopping experience, you take those risks.  

With operations back in our hands, I'm happy to chart our own course again, and appreciate the support you've given us since first opening in 2010.  I hope to keep serving you well into the future.


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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