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Between 3:00 pm EST Thursday March 30 and Friday March 31, the store is temporarily offline - you won't have access to your account, and we can't take customer calls.  During this time, our staff performs inventory maintenance to make sure everything is counted properly in the warehouse, store backend, and with our accountant.  The tedious work helps to keep things running smoothly.

That said, we're looking forward to serving you starting Saturday April 1 at 10am EST!

No Fooling - Attack on Wakeup Spring Storewide Sale!


On Saturday April 1st, we celebrate Attack on Wakeup Storewide Sale. Looking at the date, I want to stress that this isn't an April Fools joke.

ATOW - started more than three years ago - was originally created as thanks for your support during hard times we experienced earlier in FA's lifetime, from Jenni's surgery, to moving from a small room, to expanded cellar, small warehouse to where we are today. For most in the fighting game community, Attack on Wakeup has its own meaning that we also took to heart - it's an opportunity to grab a ton of savings as soon as we open.  

For three days, save 15% on nearly everything we offer in the store, from joystick levers, pushbuttons, accessories, wiring, and more.*

Free US Shipping for Orders $60 and Up. Int'l Shipping Reduced 25%

During this time, any order $60 and up will ship for FREE in the USA. International customers will enjoy a reduction of 25% from their normal shipping rates, plus faster USPS shipping for all methods via our new shipping service.

$10 off All FightSticks

Qualifying FightSticks from MadCatz, Hori and Qanba will receive their own discount of $10 off retail, plus still enjoy domestic shipping for just $15.95 via FedEx Ground. Pricing and shipping exceptions include Hori Mini 4 PS3/PS4/PC Fightstick and Hori Fighting Commander PS3/PS4/PC Wired Joypad; these will qualify for discounts of 15% and for free shipping for orders $60 and over.

Win a Nintendo Switch Prize Pack!

Help us spread the good news of this sale, and you qualify for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch console, games, and Hori Fightstick!

How to Enter

Visit any of these giveaway sites based on your favorite social network

If you don't belong to a network, you can still enter by email

Thanks Again for Your Support

In the coming days, I'll have some worthwhile additions to the store based on long-term requests.  Additionally, we start the process to replenish inventory up to several months, so you can find most items in stock at FA throughout the year. Finally, international customers will find their costs to ship will go down by approximately 15% shortly after ATOW, already with faster transit times. Stay tuned. 


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

*15% discounts excludes Brook products, as requested by Brook.

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