Memorial Day Sale: Save 15% Storwide, $4.95 FA Economy Shipping, and Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers 2-4!

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Here's a list of the deals you can get through the weekend, plus some newsletter exclusive extras for fans of Udon's latest crossover series, Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers!

Save 15% Storewide

Starting right now through Monday May 29, you can save 15% on your favorite  joystick leverspushbuttonsPCBselectronicsFA Plexworks customization and more during our FA Memorial Day Sale!  You'll see sale discounts as soon as you visit your shopping cart or checkout. Notable exceptions to sale discounts are Brook products, Fightsticks and pre-orders.  For Fightsticks and Udon-specific pre-orders, keep reading.

Qanba Crystal is 10% off during Memorial Day Sale

10% Off Fightsticks

If you were itching to pick up the latest Qanba Obsidian Fightstick, or perhaps the Hori RAP 4 in one of 4 available colors, you'll save 10% Friday through Monday.  Best of all, you can discount 50% any plexi or artwork printing services via FA Plexworks when you bundle with select Fightsticks!

The savings don't stop here.  Get a Fightstick from FA and everything in your order ships via 4-day Fed Ex Ground for just $15.95! Make sure to first add your Fightstick to the shopping cart to see the discounts.

Any Size for $4.95. Shipping via FA Economy

FA Economy is a new shipping option available to domestic USA customers whose order subtotal is $40 or more. When visiting your shopping cart or checkout, you can select "Focus Attack (Economy)" as a shipping carrier.  If you're looking to fill up your shopping cart, the savings can add up.

The Power of Choice 

We recognize that you still want the power to choose the shipping method that works best for you.  For example, if First Class shipping is still cheaper than FA Economy, or you still want to use USPS Priority, Express, FedEx or UPS, those options are still available at checkout. 


Additional 10% Off Global Shipping

We haven't forgotten international players either.  If your order totals $40 or more, you can save an additional 10% on global shipping during the sale.  We already discount 15% from normal shipping rates, making it 25% cheaper to ship your favorite items abroad.

Please note that this FA Economy does not apply to Fightstick purchases, as we already have a special $15.95 discount for domestic purchases.  Additionally FA Economy is not apply to an existing USPS, UPS, or FedEx shipping method; the shipping method is chosen by FA staff based on final weight and dimensions.

We're trialing FA Economy through Memorial Day.  Should we find it worthwhile to keep FA Economy as a permanent feature, we'll announce it here and on the website.  We're always open to  suggestions and feedback on shipping and other areas that improve your shopping experience.

Go Further: Redeem FA.Rewards for Less during Memorial Day Sale

FA Rewards

It's a great time to go FA.R. Now through Monday, coupon codes are redeemable for 25% less gold and blue chips.  Spend some to redeem up to $20 in savings via coupon code.  Best of all, you can stack your code during the sale to save even more!  Not yet a member of FA.Rewards?  Click the graphic at right, or  click here to find out how to join our free program.

Save 10% on All Udon Books and Pre-Orders via Coupon Code

Save 10% on Udon books and comics via code ILOVEUDON

Thanks to Udon Entertainment, we now have Volumes 2, 3 and 4 of the epic crossover Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers ready for pre-order! 

As a newsletter exclusive you can save 10% on all Udon books, including pre-orders via code ILOVEUDON.  This code is good until June 3. 

Here's a detailed look at what's coming to SFVSDS:


Release Date June 7

Chun-Li and Ken are trapped in dark dimension full of ghouls, demons, and monstrosities, and things only go from bad to worse with the arrival of Lord Raptor - the heavy metal god of the undead!

  • CVR B (Midnight Bliss, cover by Robert Porter) – ($3.99)
  • CVR C (Movie Poster Homage, cover art by Joe Vriens) – ($9.99)
  • CVR D (Guest Artist, cover art by Warren Louw) – ($19.99)


Release Date June 28

As Chun-li loses one of her allies to the darkness, things look grim for the World Warriors. Meanwhile, Morrigan learns she's not the only succubus in this fight, as she comes face to face for the first time with the mischievous Lilith.

  • CVR B (Midnight Bliss, cover by Robert Porter) – ($3.99)
  • CVR C (Movie Poster Homage, cover art by Joe Vriens) – ($9.99)
  • CVR D (Guest Artist, cover art by Gisèle Lagacé) – ($19.99)


Release Date July 26

The fighters of two worlds have been gathered, and the schemes of the demonic Jedah and the angelic Gill are fully revealed! Meanwhile, Blanka finds himself being stalked by a Darkstalker hunter - the maniacal B.B.Hood!

  • CVR B (Midnight Bliss, cover by Robert Porter) – ($3.99)
  • CVR C (Movie Poster Homage, cover art by Joe Vriens) – ($9.99)

Save on Udon books and comics via code ILOVEUDON

Each pre-order has a special MIdnight Bliss bundle - save 20% on SFVSDS Midnight Bliss variant 2, 3 or 4 when you purchase any of the corresponding Limited Edition Variants.  Best of all, pre-orders of the Limited Edition variants will ship for free in the USA!

FA Staff Away for Memorial Day

As many celebrate the national holiday, it's important to note that FA staff will also remain out of office on Monday, May 29.  We will all report back on Tuesday, May 30.  The website will stay open, and staff will tend to customer inquiries over the weekend and Monday at their discretion.  Please feel to leave a message by phone, or by email, and we'll get back to you soon as we return to work.

Worth Remembering

Memorial Day is meant to celebrate those who fell during military conflict, and those who continue to enlist in the armed forces.  Despite that, it's become a day for great sales, and to some, a nice day off.  With my father and two brothers that served in the military, I'd like to take a moment to thank those who performed their duties so that we can celebrate. 


Jaleel Beck
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