Coming Soon: Brook PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio, Qanba Obsidian and More!

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It was a busy few weeks at FA, so my apologies for delaying updates a bit.  While you're here, let me introduce some new and important upcoming additions to the store.

FedEX ShippingFaster Global ShippingQanba ObsidianSF VS DS Giveaway BONUSFree ComicsPlexworks Video

PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio 

PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio

Brook returns with a fantastic new addition to their Fighting Board family.  If you play online, voice chat via headset is often part of the experience.  Oddly, the ability to use this is missing in some popular Fightsticks.   The PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio replaces the existing motherboard with a robust set of features.  For anyone building a PS4/PS3/PC Fightstick from scratch and desires PS4 headset compatibility, this new Fighting board is a perfect choice.

Right now, you can pre-order the PCB for just $59.99 - $5 off retail.  If you live in the US, your order will ship free when you choose "USPS First Class Parcel" at checkout you will also receive a free set of 3mm adhesive PCB feet with purchase - great for securing the PCB to your Fightstick enclosure. Click on the photo below to learn all about the new PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio.


Now Shipping with FedEx - Fightsticks still ship for $15.95

Now Shipping with FedEx - $15.95 Fightsticks Ground Shipping

Back in December 2016, FA introduced a holiday promotion in conjunction with UPS Ground.  Select Fightsticks such as the Hori RAP v4, MadCatz TE2+, or even the new Qanba Dragon could ship across the USA for just $15.95.  We're happy to announce that recently, FA has partnered with FedEx to offer more shipping options for you!

The holiday promo has continued to this day.  Every day, orders that ship with most Fightsticks we offer will ship for just $15.95.  That means you can buy your favorite  hardwareaccessories, and even custom artwork or plexi all at once under this low shipping rate.  The difference is that your order will ship with the excellent FedEx Ground, which can arrive within just four days, depending on location.  

If you simply like FedEx over UPS, check out the new carrier options we offer when you visit checkout. If you still enjoy using UPS, it's still available if you click "Show UPS Rates" in cart or checkout.  We're currently renegotiating our rates with UPS, which should offer better savings for you, and allow us to continue offering $15.95 shipping for Fightsticks under both carriers.

Faster International Shipping

Faster International Shipping globe

During the earlier years of Focusattack.com, we introduced an expedited global shipping service designed to speed up transport and customs processing for even the cheapest methods, such as USPS First Class International.  During that time, the service could quicken First Class shipments that normally took up to 2-3 months to arrive in the remotest locations, to less than 3 weeks. 

We're now able to return this service to you, as it aligns with our modern shipping processes.  On your end, you can order the same way you normally do - nothing changes here.  You'll receive updated tracking on USPS.com within 48 business hours of shipment (Canada Post will see activity once a shipment crosses the US border into Canada customs). 

Discounts on International Shipping?

One of the biggest gripes international customers have is how much shipping costs for the smallest of items.  It's understandable - how could an actuator at $4.95 costs $12 to ship?  One of the reasons is USPS international parcel, which dictates the cost to ship such items. Cheaper International Letter does not allow items over 1/4 inch (6.35mm) to ship via that method, which puts a limit on what items can ship.

That said, one potential advantage of this faster shipping service is negotiating those costs based on volume.  We're working to pass the savings onto you as volume increases.  In time, not only will shipments arrive faster, you'll pay less on shipping.

Shipping costs are a necessity as unfortunately "free" is never actually free on the seller's end, but we'll work to improve these costs so you can get what you want for less.

Qanba Obsidian Restock Coming Soon: Save 50% on Custom Art & Plexi

I decided against pre-ordering the Qanba Obsidian this restock for several reasons including lack of supply from Qanba shortly after pre-orders were filled - demand is simply too high to support a regular purchasing schedule so, retailers are waiting a while to restock.  Instead, we're reserving at least 50 pieces of this incredibly popular Fightstick for purchase upon freight shipment from Qanba which will arrive by March 8 or sooner.  If you want to receive an email alert soon as Obsidian is back in stock, drop by the product listing and enter your email address to receive a notification.

Reserving units until launch offers some unique benefits; of them you can  customize artwork and plexi for 50% off when you bundle your order with the Qanba Obsidian!  Check out one example below featuring the Obsidian with custom artwork.  I'm looking forward to seeing other's Obsidian designs, plus feedback - if there are any install issues, please let us know

Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers Giveaway BONUS

Street Fighter and Darkstalkers remain Capcom's most memorable franchises. Fanservice abounds when Udon Entertainment collides these two separate worlds in an 8 part series titled "Street Fighter Vs Darkstalkers".  

Equally,  Funko Pops remains incredibly popular, designing a pop for just about every celebrity, cartoon, video game, or interest out there.

You may already know about FA's special giveaway: A custom MadCatz TE2+ Fightstick featuring our exclusive X-Men Vs Street Fighter homage cover, plus full color poster.  Now, you can win a collection of all current Street Fighter Funko Pops!

Pre-order now for a chance to win!

Pre-order Now for a Chance to Win!

Street Fighters VS Darkstalkers #1 launches this April, so there is still time to pre-order your copy of Udon Entertainment's latest crossover magic. 

Pre-order color version for $6.95, black and white version for $9.95, or both for just $13.95 with free shipping!

In addition, any Udon entertainment purchase - including art books - qualifies you for the giveaway.

If you can't get enough Funko Pops for fighting games, you can still pre-order the Tekken 7 Pops, releasing in late March!  Get the whole set and your last pop is free!

Get the entire Tekken 7 Pop set and your last pop is free!

FREE Comic with Purchase of Udon Artbook

Thanks to Matt Moylan of Udon Entertainment, we have some marvelous free bonuses for anyone that purchases one of several  Udon art books at FA.

Get two Free comics when you purchase an Udon Art Book!

Both Street Fighter Legacy Cammy with provocative Frank Cho pose variant, plus movie-style poster SF Legacy Guile comic are no longer in print, so it's a unique opportunity to pick up two great comics, along with Udon's robust illustrations.  As mentioned prior, any Udon purchase also qualifies you for entering our  Street Fighter Vs Darkstalkers giveaway!

How-To Order Custom Artwork and Plexi

Plexworks How-To Order Custom Artwork and Plexi video

With over 200 custom artworks, plexi and custom designs shipped per month, you've made FA Plexworks a good destination for customizing  Fightsticks and accessories such as joystick lever dustwashers and keychains.  There is much more to come.

Occasionally, we get questions about how to properly order custom artwork or acrylic panels under FA Plexworks.  YouTube producer Naota helped us create an eye-catching  video that helps to explain customization services available to you, plus options you can chose for each product. 

Additionally, you'll find resources to help you submit artwork and etching graphics by visiting our  knowledgebase.

A huge thanks to Naota for his help in producing such a high quality presentation!

What's Next?

Glad that you made it this far - I promise to shorten these with more frequent updates.

Keeping inventory for as many products as FA offers is always a challenge.  Occasionally when a product comes back into stock, there is a flood of purchases that can clean out supply we anticipated would take 2 or more months to complete.  You never know who will drop in, but we often find that professional arcade and Fightstick builders, even international resellers take a good portion of inventory.  This leaves a deficit for those who want to purchase for hobby projects.  

In the coming weeks, we'll have some ways to address this to the benefit of all involved.  Worth mentioning now is that FA will increase its monthly inventory significantly later this year, so you can get what you need more often.  

Other services under FA Plexworks are coming: additional new and older Fightstick models, a variety of plexi colors for applicable Fightstick models, and more accessories will round out the service.  There is much we can do with a printer and etching machine.

With Tekken 7  coming to consoles this year, we'll have some special products to commemorate the game and the scene around it.

Meantime, I thank you very much for sticking with us while we continue to expand FA.


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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