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After many weeks into our transition to a new warehouse and staff, I'm finally able to update our store newsletter!  Hopefully you'll find the news is welcome.  In this newsletter I'll brief you on what's coming we we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter, plus FA Plexworks reopening date and the new Fightsticks we can customize.  Let's go!

Attack on Wakeup Storewide Sale is Back!

This season, we're launching our Attack on Wakeup Storewide sale starting midnight (12:00 AM US EST)  save 15% on nearly every product storewide! You can also save 10% on select Fightsticks from Qanba and Hori.

With exceptions to Fightsticks, everything in your cart $40 and above will ship for just $4.95* anywhere in the 48 states via FA Economy, an every-day savings! If you add a Fightstick to your art, you can ship everything via UPS or FedEx Ground for just $15.95!

International customers that spend $40 and up will save an additional 25% on USPS Global shipping rates during the sale.

Exceptions to the sale discounts are Brook converters and PCBs, as requested by Brook not to offer during sales.

Win a Nintendo SNES Classic and More!

Starting today, and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter, FA is offering the chance to enter our  SF30 Giveaway and win one of several collectible prizes:

Enter our SF30 Giveaway for a chance to win collectible prizes!

If you are interested in winning any one of these prizes, please head over to our  giveaway portal.  Winners are announced Monday October 2 at 8:00pm (US EST), and rules are available here. Good luck! 

FA Plexworks Returns Wednesday October 4

When I temporarily halted FA Plexworks services in August, part of the main reason was due to an unexpectedly high demand following our EVO 2017 sale.  After that period, however, I also determined that additional work was needed to work with the new warehouse infrastructure.  We have managed to address those challenges, to which I'm happy to announce that FA Plexworks is coming back on Wednesday, October 4!

What's more, you will find new Fightstick models covered under the service, such as:

  • Hori RAP-N (Tekken 7 Fightstick)
  • RAP-N DOA5 model
  • RAP V Japanese import model
  • MadCatz Soul Calibur V SOUL Edition
  • MadCatz Versus
  • HitBox (PS3/PS4 version)

You can  download these templates right now to get started on your next custom Fightstick.

If you're new to FA Plexworks,  this video offers a quick rundown of services, options, and helpful tips.

You can also visit our  knowledgebase for instructions and resources. 

Thanks again for your continued patience.

Wrapping Up

If you are familiar with our Attack on Wakeup storewide sales, you'll notice that difference between this event and ones before it is that no longer needs to close the warehouse for several days for inventory checks. This means we'll remain open during the week.

Transitioning to a new warehouse has indeed proved challenging for us at FA, but ultimately a step in the right direction.  My goal was to improve operations so that most non-custom orders would start to ship same or next day throughout the week, Monday-Friday. While we had some hiccups along the way, the new warehouse and staff has continued to improve in both speed and accuracy, and many orders are achieving that goal.

Ultimately, the move will provide room to expand without as many limitations that existed in the older warehouse, plus ship with expediency.  The move also allows us to further research new ways to save on domestic and international shipping.

Customer service has also expanded, as we added a new full time representative to online and eventually phone service.  He's getting used to the kinds of questions you send through our customer service portal and distributing support tickets to the right people. Our support team now has two tech members, Joey and Joseph, who are glad to assist whether you bought a piece of hardware from our store or not. Finally, I'm adding new features that can immediately help with common questions by email once a question is submitted.

Finally, I'm quite happy to say that we hit our $1 million revenue mark much sooner than last year.  Again to some businesses in this market, perhaps it's a laughing matter to reach this milestone. However, it means a lot to me.  I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and will work hard for the chance to continue.


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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