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Brook Mars Wired PS3/PS4/Switch Gamepad

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    One pad to rule them all.

    Brook, designers behind this generation's essential multi-console solutions such as the Brook Universal Fighting Board with Headers, the Brook PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio, and family of converter devices, now integrate those technologies into a professional-grade game controller. 

    The Power of Three

    Three consoles, three ways to play: Brook is compatible with Playstation 4, PS3 and Nintendo Switch consoles, lending an amazing amount of versatility for modern consoles.  At just $45, this is an economical alternative to the Switch Pro controller, which commonly retails over $60. You can also utilize MARS on PC, with full X-Input support included.

    The number three also includes MARS' unique control options.  Cross and disc d-pad controls can be swapped at will, in addition to the multi-faceted control option made popular by the Xbox Elite controller.  Now you can enable this specialized control method on competing systems.

    Brook Mars Promotion and Feature Visual

    Brook Mars Promotion and Feature Visual


    • PS4, PS3, and Nintendo Switch compatibility. PC support via X-Input
    • Automatic console switching for PS4, PS3 and PC
    • Interchangeable cross, faceted and disc d-pad
    • Wired to offer zero-delay during gameplay
    • Manual console switch for Nintendo Switch (see Support tab for switching instructions. On mobile? Click here.)
    • Combo Key for PS4 Touchpad function (see Support tab for instructions. On mobile? Click here.)
    • Rumble function support on PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch and PC
    • Motion control support on PS4, PS3, and Nintendo Switch
    • Headset support on PS4

    What's Included?

    The Mars controller includes a 10 foot Mini USB cable, plus interchangeable cross, faceted and disc d-pad to fit your game style.  All are packed in a striking red foil box.

    Included with purchase of Brook Mars Controller


    Firmware Updates

    Please check the Brook MARS Controller download section for latest firmware updates. new-window-icon.png

    Firmware Update Process

    Please follow these steps to update the firmware on your mars controller.

    MARS Wired Controller firmware update: Step 1

    First, press the D-Pad right, and L3 button simultaneously, then connect the MARS wired controller to your PC via its USB cable.

    MARS Wired Controller firmware update: Step 2

    Next, you should see a red "UPDATE" button if the firmware update combination was performed correctly.

    MARS Wired Controller firmware update: Step 3

    The firmware should begin updating on the MARS Wired Controller hardware.  Please do not disconnect the USB cable during this process.

    MARS Wired Controller firmware update: Final Step


    Finally, you will receive a notification when the firmware update has completed.


    Manual console Switching to Nintendo Switch

    To use MARS on Nintendo Switch

    1. First, upgrade to system 3.0 or Higher on Switch console
    2. Next, set Pro Controller Wired Communication to "on" in Switch console's System Settings.
    3. Finally, press the L1 button on the MARS controller, then plug into one of the Switch console's USB ports, located on the dock.

    Use MARS touchpad to emulate PS4 touchpad

    Brook MARS is an unlicensed PS4 device and therefore cannot use the touchpad as it exists on PS4 gamepads.  However there is an alternative method:

    1. Press and HOLD the touchpad located at top of the MARS controller
    2. Next, move the right analog stick to simulate touchpad functionality.

    MARS Button Mapping

    Please use the graphic below to review MARS button mapping for each supported console and PC

    MARS button map for PS3, PS4, Switch and PC

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    1. Very nice controller especially for online play when no lag is the highest priority

      I'm using this generally on Nintendo Switch for Paladins. Brook is well known for their no lag and excellent converters/fighting boards for arcade sticks. I have an official Nintendo pro controller that I use wired. The pro is a finer controller in many respects though when not using HD rumble and for online games this is the controller to use. The rumble is very nice on tis thing, second only to HD rumble on the pro/Joy-Con. The D-pad is not overly marvellous though you can change the pad out (I use the stock Xbox Elite type one).

      You must update the thing on PC for it to work correctly on NS (it's at version 1.6 as of this writing). There is a download on the support section of Brook's website. I doubt those with issues here updated it. You must hold L1 when connecting the USB cable for NS mode. Also calibrate the analog sticks in NS system menu. After this is done, it works very well. This is the only current controller I know of that's not made in China. It is assembled in China with the board made in Taiwan. Brook is a Taiwanese company. Recommended as a second controller especially for those who game on multiple systems and especially for competitive online first person shooters.
      on May 14th 2019

    2. Nice, but I Have a Gripe

      First of all, I'm not a fighting game player. I just stumbled upon this controller, thought it looked neat, and am a fan of the DualShock layout.

      My gripe is that the automatic console switching feature isn't exactly foolproof. I don't know if it is specific to the one game I had this issue with, but a game called Enter the Gungeon has support for xInput and Directinput, which resulted in the controller switching back in forth until the in-game options were changed to only use xInput. Still, without further testing, I can't really bring myself to dock a star for something that was easily fixed.

      Interchangeable d-pad is pretty cool, but I've only used the bowl-shaped one since it is the most comfortable. Haven't had any issues with the wrong direction, but I think I've mostly been playing games where only 4-ways are used.

      All the buttons feel good to press and the controller in general feels good to hold. Rubber grip and matte finish are both to my liking.

      Analog sticks are very precise and I don't find my thumbs leaving the center of them.

      Start, Select, and Home are fine. Home button is transparent so the LED inside shines through it, which seems too bright and uncomfortable to look at, but I don't find myself looking at it enough to care.

      All in all, I'm happy with my purchase.
      on Jan 23rd 2018

    3. Universal, but not elite

      The controller works for all the advertised platforms, but not all that well. The d-pad is barely usable. the height and tension of the motion allows it to tilt as you press it, giving you lots of bad inputs. tapping left can easily give you an up. Way too much effort to depress. This is also true of the R1/L1 buttons. They move much too far before activating and it feels absurdly unnatural. Since the touchpad has no actual touch function, it is missing the ability to produce "left touch" and "right touch" clicks. For example, Bloodborne opens an item quick menu with a left touchpad click, and an emote menu with a right touchpad click. This controller is incapable of that. A controller that is incapable of performing all of its parent system's functions in unacceptable. The ergonomic design and feel is very nice, but the fundamental function is extremely poor. on Jan 21st 2018

    4. A little disappointed

      UPDATE FROM FA: We are investigating the issue you reported with Brook, and awaiting a firmware update to address the PS4 timeout issue.

      Overall, as a "catch-all" controller, I think this does pretty well as it works well on PC and when it works on PS4 it worked well for me. My issues were two major ones. The first one was that it seems to time out for me on PS4. Every time I've used it on my PS4 it has just stopped working at one point. I can reset it but that requires getting up and unplugging it from the PS4 and plugging back in and starting the process over. This happened in the middle of a For Honor match for me and there was nothing I could do to get it back in time to not lose the match. Also, the dpad is awful. Given that this was advertised heavily on this site (mainly a fighting game focused site) and from a company that makes many products geared towards fighting games, I bought this hoping for a really solid dpad that would make this my ideal pad for fighting games. Unfortunately, it's simply unusable in fighting games and that's really disappointing. The d-pad feels sticky to the touch and mushy when you press it. Due to it's size and construction it results in WAY too many unintentional diagonals leading to jumps when you don't want them and just plan dropped inputs because the game registers a diagonal instead of cardinal direction. I pre-ordered this and was really excited for it. I have given it a good shot and have just come away disappointed. I have a lot of faith in Brook as a company and their reputation is great (which is why I pre-ordered) but I haven't been happy with this. If there is no timeout issue then it could at least be used for shooters and such and would work pretty well.

      The construction is pretty solid (thought a bit light for my taste, but that's preference), it feels good and looks awesome. I like the idea of switching out the dpads but if that came at the cost of having an overly sensitive dpad, then I would have rather they just stuck with one dpad option but one that actually worked.

      If you're getting this for just another controller for all game and not primarily for fighting games, then you might have better luck than me. As long as you don't also have the timeout issue.
      on Dec 28th 2017

    5. I wanted a universal controller between PS and PC and I got it

      I think this is a very good controller for the price. Feels better than the Dualshock 3 I was using and no need to go through an extra step to get it to work correctly with my PC just plug and play. I will say though that it is not built for fighting games as the D-Pad is a bit too touchy. Even simple inputs like left or right gave me an accidental diagonal input. Which sucks because playing Injustice with it feels blah and that game has pretty simple inputs for moves.

      Other than that it gets an A- from me because all around it's still an awesome pad.
      on Dec 14th 2017

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    Brook Mars wired controller

    Brook Mars wired controller Zero delay, high performance precision controller for PS3/PS4/Switch/PC! 1. Motion control Supported (for PS4/PS3) 2. Rumble function (for PS4/PS3) 3. Headset Supported (for PS4) 4. Combo Key to Simulate Touchpad function (for PS4) 5. 3 interchangeable D-Pads, the classic button and the faceted D-Pads
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