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Clear 31mm 1/16" Acrylic Dustwasher - Fits Sanwa JLF with Shaft Cover

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    This 1/16" clear, smaller diameter dustwasher for Sanwa JLF is a popular choice amongst customization fans.  At 31mm, it remains just a bit larger than the joystick opening, but keeps the hole covered properly during gameplay.

    This version is sized for a Sanwa JLF joystick that uses a shaft cover. Please note that a shaft cover is not included with purchase.


    The dustwasher is protected from scratches and dust by a brown paper sticker.  You can remove the paper sticker by peeling at the edge of the dustwasher with your fingernail, and pulling towards you.

    Please note that these washers are not designed to be compatible with the The Link Quick Release JLF Shaft

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    1. Awesomely Inconspicuous!

      This washer is 100% crystal clear, and small enough that the outer diameter is a little bit smaller than that of the standard Sanwa balltop, so it's practically invisible once it's in place, while still being the perfect size for its intended purpose.

      I'm using it with a Phreakmods JLF Link shaft, and, from my perspective, it fits around it perfectly.

      I'm pretty sure this will be a standard addition to any new custom art mods from now on.
      on Jul 4th 2018

    2. Great for if you have custom artwork

      I bought two of these one for each of my sticks and they are great, one of my sticks uses a Link quick release and it fits but might be a little tight for some peoples preferences but feels fine for me on Mar 16th 2018

    3. barely too small for the JLF Link

      about twice as thick as normal jlf washers and maybe 5 mm smaller. and the stickers are a pain to get off.

      **UPDATE By FA* The dustwasher is not designed for the Phreakmods JLF Link. We mention this in the "Important" tab.
      on Aug 31st 2015

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