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Crown CWL-309MJ-KMS-ST25 Joystick

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    Important Note

    It is recommended that you add the .187 to 5-pin Conversion Harness to your order if are installing into a Japanese Fightstick or model that instead uses a 5-pin connector rather than .187" terminals. You can save $1.25 when you option bundle with this product. Partial assembly is required; install joystick lever through body, push actuator into bottom of lever stem, and push up against the internal spring to connect the e-clip.  Use needle nose-pliers to fasten the e-clip to the bottom of the joystick lever, pushing it into the lever's bottom groove.

    Crown has released several Korean style models within the 300 numbered series, such as the 303-FK, CWL-307-FJ, and now the 309MJ. In this iteration, Crown carefully reviewed feedback from diehard Tekken players, and eschewed select characteristics from earlier models to recreate the feel of a Fanta.  Much like the FK and FJ models, the 309MJ ensures installation in popular Japanese style Fightsticks such as the Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ PS4/PS3/PC or Qanba Obsidian PS3/PS4/PC Fightstick.

    Low Profile Collar

    Comparison (photo by

    The 303-N main characteristic is longer travel distance, while the 307's larger actuator shortened dead zones. The 309MJ-JMS-ST25 is Crown's closest attempt to mimic the popular Myoungshin Fanta Joystick, narrowing the throw distance and a smaller, durable 16.5mm acetal (acetic anhydride + formaldehyde) plastic actuator.

    One of the most prominent feedback from players when trying the earlier model 303-FK and 307-FJ is accuracy issues that arose from lack of a collar.  Crown decided to incorporate a 6mm low-profile collar that offered the best of both worlds.  The short collar allows you to install the lever into Japanese style Fightsticks or cabinets (which often come with s-plate mount points), yet it maintains the accuracy that came with use of the collar.

    You can see comparison shots at Hibal.tistory.comnew-window-icon.png

    Silicone rubber grommetThe Difference in Silicone

    The ST variant uses a white silicone rubber tension system with a shore A rating of 25.  This is indeed lighter than the 55 shore A rating in the 307 series.  Tests conducted at Hibal, however, show that the silicone is slightly thicker in the 309.  Executing command input are easier, while returning to neutral is a bit tougher from the reduced tension.

    Still, the benefits of the rubber tension is a faster return to neutral, which is perfect for 3D based games such as Tekken in which wavedashing and consistent movement is required.  The CWL-309MJ-JMS-ST25 continues to share the same characteristics as other Fanta joysticks, with smooth, cornerless control for QCB, QCF (quarter-circle back/forward) HCB, HBC (half-circle back/forward) and full 360 motions.

    Korean Gersung GSM-V1623A3 Microswitches

    The CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 currently uses a Gersung GSM-V1623A3 .187" Long Straight Hinge Lever Microswitch.  Like the 303 and 307 models, each microswitch can be removed from the joystick and replaced by another.  This opens up potential for customizing the switch sensitivity and performance.  The body of the CWL-309FJ-JMS-ST encloses the microswitches, offering a tighter form factor than the 303-FK. 

    CWL-309MJ-JMS-ST25 Similarities and Differences 

    The bottom construction of the CWL-309-HelpmeK-ST35 joystick lever matches that of the 303-FK though colored black.  The microswitches are positioned closer to the actuator than the 307, and are not embedded into the housing as the 307.

    Thanks to for a detailed overview of the Crown 309 models. new-window-icon.png Thanks to SRK's Agieze for further information regarding collar height and actuator plastic material. new-window-icon.png


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    1. This helps for a specific reason

      Since no one seems to explain specifically what makes Korean sticks good, I'll try to explain here. I had a lot of trouble with doing uf and df inputs with my japanese stick (a default hori rap4) and while it's a great japanese stick, the issue was in the design of the japanese sticks themselves. A japanese stick is made to offer little to no resistance to give you little push back when you move it, but a korean stick uses a rubber grommet to push against your hand whenever you move off center. This is a big deal, because, while you can tell your hand you want to move left, if you're an uncoordinated goofball like me, you might go up and left, or up and down. The resistance brought on by the rubber grommet tells you as soon as you start pushing up, giving you tactile feedback to tell you "you're moving up" or "you're moving down," which means you always know where your hand is pushing the stick. While a japanese stick can work just fine with enough practice, you have to know where the switches are on a japanese stick. A korean stick tells you where the switches are, and therefore takes way less practice. on Sep 18th 2018

    2. Amazing

      best for mishima player 1p side,better than seimitsu or sanwa on Aug 13th 2018

    3. Great stick for Tekken, but youll like it for other games too

      I had been meaning to try one of these korean style sticks for a while and i regret waiting so long to finally get one. It's not going to make you a movement god in Tekken overnight, but you will def see an improvement in your movement as the stick has more force when returning to neutral. on Jul 9th 2018

    4. godlike motion

      I use a jlf for SFV and a hayabusa for everything else. I have two RAPs (a 4 and an N) 1 stock that I use for most games and one with a 2lb spring and oversized actuator for TEKKEN. I've always wanted to try a Korean style as I've had limited experience actually playing matches with one and recently acquired this model as an extra when I was getting some other parts. I swapped the hayabusa with the heavy spring I used for TEKKEN with this and was literally blown away. As a previous review states I had to bend the switch a little to have it fit in the rap4 but have had 0 performance issues. It's made me get back into TEKKEN again because I had kinda plateaued I felt like but now it's like a whole new world. Less effort and more precise when it comes to back dash cancellation. I absolutely love it. on Apr 12th 2018

    5. Nice korea stick to bigin with

      More enjoy to play T7 with this stick.
      Solid quality , easy to install for Jap stick (Panthera)
      on Apr 10th 2018

    6. A definite upgrade over a JLF for precision inputs

      I have been wanting to try a korean stick for a while now and recently decided to take the plunge. There is a definite upgrade over a JLF japanese style stick, the difference in design really does make a difference. The way the stick naturally finds its way back to neutral does change the way you approach your inputs and decreases the occasional phantom inputs that can happen. Everything feels more one to one, especially for a battop, when i switched to a battop on the JLF there was a weird deadzone IMO that i always had to take into account regardless of the tension of the spring within the actuator( an oversized one). This is a definite must buy for me in future builds from now on and a product I would recommend.

      AN IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE: if you are like me and have spent a lot of time with a sanwa JLF stick, I suggest you purchase the ST-35 Medium Tension Rubber Grommet for this style of stick. This stick does not have a traditional restrictor gate that you would find on a JLF. You will have a harder time hitting your diagonals with the stock grommet originally installed.
      on Mar 2nd 2018

    7. Very solid DYI pro-level Korean lever fightstick for under $110.

      This is how I built my stick:

      Mayflash F300 Case - Amazon (on sale at the time … 1 x $50)

      You can buy a used case for cheaper to save money since you are replacing everything. It’s a nice case; not as sexy or shiny as others, but the ability to plug & play parts into this case is outstanding! It’s almost like they put cheap parts in here, knowing they’d be replaced.

      Crown CWL-309MJ-KMS-ST25 Joystick - Focus Attack (1 x 29.95)

      Fits like a glove!

      Sanwa buttons - Focus Attack (8 x $2.45)

      Fits like a glove!

      ST-45 High Tension Rubber Grommet for CWL-300 Series Lever – Focus Attach (1 x $5.95)

      I have big hands and I needed the extra weight. This is optional since the stick comes with a low-tension ST-25 version already installed.

      E-Clip for Crown 303/307/309 Series Joystick – Focus Attack (2 x $0.45)

      I tend to break or lose these things. They are cheap, just get some extras, you’ll be glad you did. This is optional since one comes with the stick.

      .187 to 5-pin Conversion Harness – Focus Attack (1 x $2.75)

      I tend to break these too by pulling them off, never hurts to have a spare. This is optional since you can have one included with the stick.

      Spare 5-Pin Female Harness for Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB – Focus Attack (1 x $0.75)

      Mayflash F300 takes Japanese style stick, so this is needed to plug the harness into the free slot on the board.


      If you don’t mind the louder buttons, you don’t have to replace them, but it is a nice addition and makes the case look nice too.


      When wiring the stick, the ground (black wires) goes on the prongs that are flush with the stick, the prongs that poke out are your color wire.
      on Feb 24th 2018

    8. Fab stick

      Updated my Mad Catz TES+ with the 309MJ and it's exactly what I wanted. Did so purely for use with Tekken 7, as I use Mishima characters and desired a stick with a slightly more precise and responsive feel to it. This has well and truly delivered. I adapted to it instantly, as well. There was no need to spend time 'getting used to it', as such. Awesome product. on Feb 14th 2018

    9. Excellent lever, simple installation

      Lever feels great, would recommend if interested in trying Korean-style levers. The connections on the top microswitch needed to be bent slightly to fit into my Hori RAP4 case, but hasn't affected the performance. Slightly quieter than the stock hayabusa lever. on Jan 17th 2018

    10. Great Lever

      This is a GREAT lever if you are trying to get into Korean Style levers. I absolutely love this product!!! on Jan 16th 2018

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