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GamerFinger Mix & Match HBFS-30 30mm Cap: Crystal


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  • Product Description

    The HBFS-G3 cap allows you to mix and match with the growing array of color choices available to the GamerFinger series pushbutton.

    Available in solid color or translucent, the cap is directly placed atop the mechanical switch.  Translucent caps allow you to see directly into the button.

    Compatible with older GamerFinger Pushbuttons

    The G3 cap will properly fit the original G1 and G2 pushbuttons, allowing owners of the older models to customize with the available colors.

    Does not Accommodate FightStick Artwork

    Please note that these caps do not contain plungers for artwork. If you desire a cap that will allow installation of button art, please select GamerFinger Mix & Match HBFS-30 30mm Cap: Crystal (2-Piece for Art) or GamerFinger Mix & Match HBFS-30 30mm Cap: Smoke (2-Piece for Art).  

    Download the Gamerfinger HBFS Key Switch & Crystal Artwork Install Guide (PDF)

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    1. Very clean looking

      Very clean and clear caps. They look great on the stick, and make it possible to see down inside to see the switches inside.

      Note: Not pictured in the product shots, and I'm not sure if they all come this way, but mine had stickers with various Japanese kanji (神, 魔, etc) on them when they showed up. The stickers were easy to remove and left virtually no residue, so don't panic if they arrive in a not-clear state.
      on Jun 5th 2019

  • Product Videos

    • HBFS G3: How to Replace Cherry MX Switch
      This Tutorial show you how to replace Cherry MX Switch by you...

    HBFS G3: How to Replace Cherry MX Switch

    This Tutorial show you how to replace Cherry MX Switch by yourself.