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Hori Real Arcade Pro N Fightstick for Sony PS3/PS4/PC

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    Recently, Japanese arcade manufacturer Hori released the Real Arcade Pro N Fightstick with Tekken 7 branding, a tribute to the launch of Tekken's arguably final game in the series.  Its design was a re-imagining of their earlier "Dead or Alive 5" layout, with a Noir layout and hidden compartment start button.

    Hori is now releasing an attractive non-branded alternative of this popular joystick, complete with black silver and gold highlights.  

    Kai Noir Layout

    Similar to the Tekken 7 design, and differing from the older DOA5 model, the HRAP N adopts a Kai layout, which places the joystick further from its buttons.

    Features and Specs

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    1. Noir Layout for Modding

      Quality built product. Ways a good deal and seems very sturdy. Each button has different colored wires making it easy to assign buttons to wires. Unfortunately, the PCB has glue on top of the solder points. This makes modding the buttons easy, but modding the PCB and the connected joystick harder. Overall, I like the Noir button layout and other mainstream fightsticks do not have this layout. on Jun 23rd 2018

    2. Nearly Perfect

      Have this stick for over a month now and haven't put it down since. Switching from the traditional vewlix layout to the Noir didn't take much time to get use to since I don't use the last 2 buttons anyway and the case size is small enough to carry comfortably yet wide enough to fit on any lap. The design goes so perfectly with Sanwa's metallic gold buttons and balltop combination that I am reluctant to remove it in fear of not being able to make a piece of artwork that can top it. The options button cover is just one of the unique features on this stick that is something you think you really don't need but is a very nice addition none the less.

      Unfortunately while I was excited to use the built in headphone jack it doesn't work on pc but does work on PS4. Obviously the same goes for the PS4 touchpad. Those aside, this fightstick is undeniably the best I've used. Easy to mod, sturdy build, and nice to hold/sit with, you will not regret buying this stick.
      on Feb 17th 2018

    3. Great stick

      Everything is awesome. I changed the hori buttons with semitsu buttons and the joystick is a crown. on Oct 6th 2017

    4. Great fighting stick

      I love this stick , buttons are responsive , has turbo function , audio controls , 3m long cable .
      the only thing that I didn't like is the Assignment function , you can only remap START , L1 & L2 buttons.
      on Sep 9th 2017

    5. Probably the best stick Hori has ever made!

      The Good:
      + Love the non-gaudy "gamer tagz" artwork. The artwork is simple, pewter gold (it's not actually gold as shown in press shots) with black and that chrome HRAP branding just makes it look very classy to my eyes. No bullshit, simple elegance here.
      + Hayabusa lever which I happen to like quite a lot. Much has been said over them already with the Hayabusa Kai and V sticks, but to me they are better than the Sanwa JLF lever. It's very quick, very smooth and while it can be a little off the precision mark due to the low tension spring, it's a simple mod just to switch it to a higher tension one.
      + Good weight on the entire cabinet, which means it stays put on your lap or on the desk. Not as heavy as an eTokki Omni of course. To add, the bottom side does have 2 large rubber pads, which were oddly missing on the near-carbon copy of the Hori T7 edition stick.
      + Uses the latest pcb from the Hayabusa Pro V, which means input lag that was an issue that was reported a few years ago isn't really that big of a problem now anymore. It's negligible.
      + Due to the size of the stick, adding mods is fairly simple due to how spacious it is to store/mount the mods.
      + Launch control options button! That means there will be ZERO cases of accident "pause button" presses in a match, ever.

      The Neutral:
      ~ Hayabusa buttons, I like how they feel. They don't vibrate or feel as loose as Sanwa OSB buttons, but at the same time they are too sensitive and makes simultaneous button presses a little inconsistent to pull off in clutch moments.
      ~ Noir layout, which... to be honest, I feel is great in some games but feel a little weird for others. I like it a lot for Tekken, but I prefer the Viewlix layout for Blazblue/Guilty Gear.
      ~ The edges of the cabinet isn't rounded off, which makes wresting the wrist on it a little uncomfortable.

      The Bad:
      - Nothing for me to dock a star!

      I got the Hayabusa Pro N from Japan over a month ago and have been using the stick extensively. I found very little faults from the stick overall, just very minor annoyances and nit-picky issues which most may find quite trivial.

      This is possibly Hori's best overall fight stick from both the build quality and price ratio standpoint. Hori's elusive Fighting Edge may be the flagship, but I absolutely have no qualms using the Pro N as my main stick for a very long time. It's simply a very, very good stick.
      on Aug 10th 2017

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      My quick unboxing for my ral real arcade pro n hayabusa fighstick


    My quick unboxing for my ral real arcade pro n hayabusa fighstick
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