Custom Job Tracker

From start to finish, the FA Plexworks Custom Job Tracker keeps you updated of your custom order progression.  You can also see where an order you wish to place may appear in our queue. To scroll up or down, please use your mouse or touchscreen. Please visit here new-window-icon.png for a full explanation of the Job Tracker statuses and return/refund policy. 

Please note your custom order cannot be cancelled or changed when status is "Dry/Polish", "Complete" or "Shipped".  An explanation of our return or replacement policy is available herenew-window-icon.png

Allow at least 24 hours for newly created custom orders appear on this list. List is updated Monday-Friday 9am-3pm EST.  Is your order status HOLD? Please check for an email message by It may first appear in your spam filter.

If you have any issues with your custom order, or if you cannot see the list, please contact