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Razer MX Green Stem 50g Tactile Feedback Mechanical Switch

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    The GamerFinger HBFS pushbutton has compatibility with the all new Razer line of mechanical keyboad switches.  

    Because the HBFS uses mechanical key switches, you can purchase other switches that offer a higher operating force, or a different feel.  The Razer line of mechanical switches promise even greater accuracy and sensitivity than prior switches.

    Operating Force, Feel, and Different Key Switches Explained

    The immediate benefit of incorporating the HBFS pushbutton into your gameplay is the ability to choose your preferred level of operating force, simply by switching out the mechanical key switches.

    What does linear feel or tactile feel mean? Linear feel means that the feel is consistent from the moment you press down on the button. Tactile feel provides a bit of feedback upon actuation. Operating Force means how hard you have to push the button and how hard it will push back when depressed.The g45g, for example, represents a metric unit of force.

    Swapping Key Switches to Adjust Operating Force and Feedback

    Because the HBFS uses mechanical key switches, you can purchase other switches that offer a higher operating force, or a different feel.  Each are color-coded based on their characteristics:

    • Red: 45g operating force, linear feel
    • Silver: 45g operating force, linear feel, operative travel 1.2mm versus 2mm of Red MX
    • Black: 60g operating force, linear feel
    • Brown: 55g operating force, soft tactile feel
    • Blue: 60g operating force, click tactile feel
    • Razer MX Orange: 45g operating force, soft tactile feel, silent operation, operative travel 1.9mm versus 2mm of Red MX
    • Razer MX Green: 50g operating force, click tactile feel, operative travel 1.9mm versus 2mm of Red MX

    Tactile Feedback. Faster Actuation.

    "Click tactile feel" sends a little bump to your fingers, and has an audible click the moment the button command is sent to the console or PC. The Razer Green 50g mechanical switch offers this kind of feedback, along with a shorter actuation point than the leading mechanical key microswitch. Actuation distance is 1.9mm, just under the 2mm present in the Cherry Red MX mechanical switch. This enables a faster actuation time. At 50g, the green mechanical switch uses a bit more operating force to press down, which some prefer over feather-sentivity of lighter force microswitches.

    Razer Mechanical Microswitch 45g (Green)

    10x more durable than Sanwa RG

    Sanwa's RG microswitches are known to last longer than the standard SW-68 switches.  Thanks to the mechanical key switch, HBFS possesses a much longer lifespan through use of mechanical switches - 50 million operations versus 500,000 - for about the same price as as the RG.

    Change your Gameplay, or Repair/Replace

    These key switches offer their own unique feedback and press capabilities, potentially improving your approach your fighting game execution.  Should you need to replace few damaged switches in a mechanical keyboard (purchases limited to 12pcs), these should do the trick.  Make sure to check the type of switch that your keyboard uses before purchasing.

    Thanks to The Keyboard Company and PC World for helpful descriptions on key switch characteristics.  Animated illustrations by

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    1. Yeah, nevermind.

      I earlier wrote a full five-star review about these things. After some experience, I no longer find these as great as I once thought.
      While I do enjoy the advanced in-between tactile feel of them, their unusual tendency to pop out of the button base is extremely undesirable. It can be prevented by pressing on the buttons while their unplugged from time to time, but even that won't guarantee preventing this.
      I feel sort of silly now for dedicating towards getting these in all of my Gamerfinger sticks; I'm lucky I haven't ruined these switches by pressing them in...
      I guess I will have to try some other switches, like Blue Cherry and Red Cherry, and Gatreons. It's a bit of a shame, because I do rather enjoy the shorter activating distance that these Razer Green switches offer while still being tactile, but I already had one too many embarassing incidents where these switches popped out, two of which were during a monthly FGC event.
      So much for 10 million more presses in durability!
      on Nov 11th 2018

    2. 3 out of 5 cause its not the best choice for me.

      I bought this razer green, a cherry blue, a gateron blue and a gateron green, and compared them in play for a week in play, before I committed to what switch I'd go with for my gamerfinger set. This came out on the bottom, its just mushy compared to the cherry and gateron and doesn't make as loud a click. It also has a tendency to pop out of the gamerfinger button holder, spring loading itself on push down and popping out with the button top forcing you to stop and pop it back in, not something you want to happen in play, neither the gaterons or Cherry had that problem.

      So final word, 3\5 as it is a mech switch and I guess you could rig up something to stop the popping out with hotglue if you really like the feel of these, I don't.

      on Oct 13th 2018

    3. highly functional!

      i actually haven't previously used that many arcade buttons with tactile switches, but after using these on my Gamerfingers i'm very satisfied. Tactile buttons are a different experience from linear buttons... and with 50g actuation, even better durability than Cherry switches, and an optimized reset point to facilitate constant presses, these switches inside Gamerfinger buttons are a great way to go. Just a word of caution, when installing these into the button base make sure you put them in the right direction. on Sep 30th 2018

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    The World's First Mechanical Switch Designed for Gaming

    Introducing the All-New Razer™ Mechanical Switches - designed from ground up specifically for gaming to give you performance that is even closer to perfection: Tested and validated by the world's top eSports athletes, we have identified the optimal actuation distance to a fraction of a millimeter and reduced the distance between the actuation and reset point by almost half to allow for faster, more precise gaming commands when compared to standard mechanical switches. Feel the Difference today: Music: Rundfunk - Turn Around PrototypeRaptor - Juggernaut SUBSCRIBE and get hooked up with exclusive content, codes. and giveaways. Keep with the Cult:
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