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Red 16pc 22 AWG Wire with .110 Quick Disconnect

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    Whether you are a custom joystick builder or a joystick modder, you need a quick way to connect your new PCB with your buttons.  Get your project done even faster and without the need to crimp a quick-disconnect (QCD) by picking up this QCD and wire combo.  Simple! 

    Full 16-wire set available

    This purchase includes a 16-wire set of a single color, offered at a discounted price!


    • 16pcs of wire, each 1m (3.3ft) in length
    • 22 AWG
    • Insulated .110 quick disconnect 


    • Save time.  No need to crimp QCDs to your wires.
    • Repair any damaged or accidentally cut wire that originally connected to a PCB.
    • Use for several types of Japanese arcade buttons that use .110 QCDs.
    • Daisy-chain or connect PCBs to other parts in the joystick.
    • You can cut the wires to any size, or remove the QCD for any wiring project.
    • Color-coordinate your wires to provide a custom look and feel to your joystick projects


    Please check the required size of the quick-disconnect that you will need before ordering.

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    1. Quick Connect vs Solder is an easy decision

      The last stick I built was back in 2001. I soldered everything. With these quick connects that process is obsolete. For a bit of extra cash, the time spent is well worth it. Plus with 16 wires, there is quite a bit of extra wire once you trim everything, leaving you with more than enough wire for a do-over.

      Minus one star only because the daisy chain came in a super convenient already braided. Would have been nice to have that on these too.
      on Nov 21st 2016

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