FA.R Focus Attack Rewards





FA.R offers you a fun, engaging way to save nearly every time you shop with us. It's free and easy to register. Compete with friends to score even more rewards!

How does it work? 

#1: Receive 1 Gold chip for every $1 spent

Receive Gold Chips whenever you make a successful purchase. You will get 1 Gold Chip for every $1 spent. *
*Does not include shipping.

#2: Get 20 Blue chips for engaging with us

Get rewarded for visiting our website regularly, writing product reviews, sharing our products on social networks, following us on social networks, subscribing to our newsletter, etc.

#3: Redeem chips for discounts

Redeem chips and be rewarded with single-use coupon code discounts! Coupon codes do not expire. Use it on your next purchase anytime you wish.

Bonus rewards for FA.R's Top 10!

Compete with others on our scoreboard rankings and receive valuable bonus Gold Chips if you score high rankings.

» N°1 gets 20 Gold Chips

» N°2 and N°3 gets 10 Gold Chips

» N°4 to N°10 gets 5 Gold Chips

FA.R Top 10 contests will occur several times throughout the year. Each contest will last 1 month, allowing you time to earn more chips. Keep an eye out for friends that may beat your top score!



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for FA.R?

Registering is easy.  Just sign into your account after clicking on the "Sign In" link in the red horizontal bar that says "We've just launched a new, free rewards program   →   Sign in  or  register  to learn more."  It will appear like this in your desktop browser, and similar on mobile or tablet.



I changed my Focusattack.com account email address and now my FA.Rewards account is not available.  What happened?

Your FA.Rewards account is linked to the email address you used upon registering for rewards. If you change your email address within your store account, the link is broken.  To re-establish the link, please follow these instructions:

  1. Send an email message support@focusattack.com.  Please mention the original email address you used to sign up with FA.R, and your new email address.
  2. We will transfer your balance of gold and blue chips to the new account.
  3. We must then contact our rewards support team to link your new email address to the FA.R account, so that future purchases and interactions are properly converted into gold and blue chips, respectively.  We will inform you once this is completed.

I placed an order after FA.R was introduced, but I didn't register yet. Do I have gold chips?

Chips are awarded only to orders placed after you register with FA.R Rewards.  Before placing your first order with us, it is best that you register with our rewards program.  Again, it's free, and easy to do.

I placed an order, but the gold points were not added to my chips balance right away. Where are they?

Gold chips are awarded within 24 hours after your order status is changed to "Shipped" or "Completed".  You will receive an email whenever your order status is changed.

My Gold chips don't exactly match how much I spent on the order and shipping. What gives?

Gold chips are awarded for the subtotal of your order - the amount before shipping is applied.

I'm pretty sure I should be one of the top 10 in the leaderboard.  What gives?

Earning a top spot in the leaderboard depends on your current balance of gold coins.  The leaderboard is currently updated every 24 hours.  We may increase that to once an hour.

How do I convert my chips into coupon codes?

Select the tab called 'My Rewards'. Here you’ll see all the rewards we offer. If you have enough chips, you can redeem them for a coupon code.

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Can I use my chips during checkout?

Not directly - please redeem your chips for a coupon code which can then be applied during checkout.

I forgot to apply my coupon code to an order I just placed.  Can I do it afterwards?

We're afraid that you must apply the code when you place the order.  You can use the code in your next order, as they do not expire.

I cancelled an order that has a redeemed coupon code.  Do I get the coupon code back?

If you cancelled an order that contains a FA Rewards coupon code discount, the redeemed coupon code value will be manually added back to your account as store credit.  To check if your store credit was applied, visit checkout when making a purchase - the credit will appear in this section. Because this is a manual process, if you don't see the store credit, please inquire with orders@focusattack.com and staff will address the issue.

I asked for a refund or store credit of an order that was returned.  What happens to my gold chips?

When a refund is requested and granted, any gold chips balance in your account is deducted for the amount of gold chips BEFORE the refund is issued. 

We reserve the right to ban Rewards accounts for anyone that may try to exploit the Rewards system.

I accidentally deleted my email with the redeemed coupon codes.  How can get my codes back?

Please send an email to support@focusattack.com.  In that email, please mention your email address that was used to register for FA.R rewards.  That is the email address you used to register for a customer account with focusattack.com.  We will send a reply email with the codes you currently redeemed.  Please keep in mind that some of those codes were already used.

Can I share my coupon code?

You can, but it is single use.  Once it is used, you cannot use it again.

Can I combine coupon codes?

No - you can only use one coupon code per purchase.

Can I redeem all blue chips for a coupon code?

No, but you can use a combination of blue and gold chips to redeem codes, rather than just gold chips.

I noticed something odd when I was using FA.R.  Who do I contact to report it?

You can send a message to feedback@focusattack.com.

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