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Sanwa JLFD-TP-8YT Detachable Joystick Lever

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Expected release date is Apr 15th 2019 or sooner.
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    Video courtesy of Sanwa Denshi

    Since PhreakMods Quick Release shaft for Sanwa JLF joystick levers debuted years ago, many players have enjoyed the convenience of detaching the lever shaft for easier transport in common bags and backpacks.

    Sanwa introduces the JLFD-TP-8YT - their official take on the detachable joystick lever.

    Screw-Type Install

    The Sanwa JLFD features a unique base and shaft cover design.  From the video at right, you can see how the shaft is first inserted into the base, followed by the joystick lever via twisting clockwise to screw it down into the base.  Similarly, you can unscrew it by twisting counter-clockwise.

    Shaft/Dustwasher Compatibility 

    The JLFD shaft cover has two unique convex shapes inside that connect to the base. Given the design of the JLFD shaft, the tighten and loosen functions are disabled when an original Sanwa or Sanwa JLF compatible shaft cover is used.  It appears that Sanwa-compatible dustwashers will work, however.

    BONUS: Free Sanwa LB-35 balltop, GT-Y Insert, KOWAL 1mm oversize actuator, 2lb and 4lb Tension Spring with Pre-Order 

    Sanwa JLF GT-Y Octagonal Insert KOWAL 1mm Oversize Actuator for Sanwa JLF
    JLF GT-Y Octagonal Insert KOWAL 1mm Oversize Actuator
    2lb Tension Spring 4lb Tension Spring
    2lb Tension Spring 4lb Tension Spring

    You will receive a JLF GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate Insert and Kowal 1mm Oversize Actuator for Sanwa JLF Series Joystick, plus 2lb Tension Spring and 4lb Tension Spring for Sanwa JLF, plus free Sanwa LB-35 color balltop- a $11.75 value -  free with your pre-order! 

    The GT-Y octagonal insert can install into the existing GT-8F restrictor plate that comes with the JLFD, allowing you octagonal control - the same as offered in the Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Gate. KOWAL's 1mm oversize actuator consistently receives high marks for its simplicity and effectiveness in shortening throw and speeding up engage time.

    Tension springs are a popular choice among enthusiasts who desire a quicker return to center, or enjoy the higher tension over the original Sanwa JLF.

    All four mods are worthwhile additions to customizing the feel of your new JLFD.

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    昨年末に三和電子株式会社さまが国内先行で行った「新着脱式レバー」のプレゼントキャンペーンに当選しましたのでレバーレビューもかねて動画を作りました! 着脱式レバーってどんなものなのか、別の着脱式レバーと共に比較してみましたので最後までご覧ください!SNSでの拡散、何卒宜しくお願い致します!! ※追記 2019/2/11 どうやらレバーを締める際は、レバーを回す際にシャフトカバーを押さえながらレバーボールごとレバーを回すとキツく締まる様です。緩める際も同様でシャフトカバーを押さえながらレバーを回すと緩め易いみたい。このコツさえ極めればプレイ中に緩む事は皆無と思われます。 ※また、販売時に動画内の木目調レバーボールは付属するとは限らないと思われますので予めご了承下さいませ。 EVO JAPAN2019福岡にて先行出展予定!正式販売は今春ごろとなるようです! 三和電子株式会社さまTwitter: ホームページ: 千石電商さま「The Link」取り扱いページ: 4gamerさま「The Link」参考記事: チャンネル登録は画面右下をタッチ!!!! TwitterとInstagramフォローもヨロシクお願いします!! Twitter: Instagram: お便りや質問はこちら: #三和電子 #アケコン #レバー
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