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Seimitsu Purple LB-49 45mm Bubbletop

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    The SEIMITSU LB-49 Bubbletop is a cool, larger variation on the popular Seimitsu LB-39 balltop.  Continuing with Seimitsu's translucent button line, the bubbletop looks fantastic on its own. 

    Seimitsu LB-39, LB-49 bubbletop size comparison10mm Larger than Standard LB-35/39.  Compatible with JLF and Seimitsu Joysticks

    Fighting game players are arguably taller and larger than their counterparts 10 years ago.  To that end, we have received requests for larger accessory handles for those who feel the smaller LB-39 is too cramped for desired gameplay.  The larger balltop - while an older product from Seimitsu - appears perfect for players with larger hands or simply enjoy the feel of a wider diameter balltop.

    Despite the increased size, the balltops' threading matches with popular joystick models such as the Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS-32, and do not require adapters.

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    1. Good option if you want a bigger balltop

      Nice balltop, the color is very beautiful and these bubbles are an interesting addition. But I`ve noticed that these Seimitsu oversized balltops have the most visible equator line and a pimple on top. They do not affect gameplay in any way, but aesthetically this is not top notch.
      I was wondering if I`d like an oversized balltop but ended up liking the standard version more. But I will gladly use this balltop on my Seimitsu backpack charm.
      on May 22nd 2019

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