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The Link Quick Release JLF Shaft: Aluminum Purple

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    Players sick of their joystick shaft jutting out from their backpack or messenger bag can rejoice! The Link by SRK's PhreakMods is a fantastic new 2-piece JLF shaft design; once installed, removing or attaching the protruding joystick shaft with balltop or battop is incredibly simple and hassle-free.

    The Link comes with a spring-loaded top piece, a bottom shaft piece for install into the joystick housing, and a MadCatz TE-compatible hex key for easy tightening of your accessory balltop or battop. To use, simply pull up on the spring-loaded top piece with your thumb and forefingers, then pull off.  To reattach, again pull on the spring-loaded top piece; while holding this in place, rest it on the bottom piece, and release the top piece.  The Link is made of stainless steel, and ball-bearings inside the top piece make it incredibly sturdy during heated gameplay.

    Space-Saver & Swift Customization

    Let's face it: traveling with a joystick isn't easy. For those with who travel to tournaments, you're aware of the looks and occasional spot check by airport security because you can't place your joystick in a typical messenger or book bag. The Link is ideal for the casual players looking to save some space, and for traveling tournament players who need to cram as much into their bags as possible.

    For those who like to share their joystick with fellow players, you no longer have to worry if your friend wants to use their favorite battop or balltop.  It's very easy to attach their JLF link attachment to your joystick, or to carry around a spare balltop or battop for them to use.

    What's Included

    You'll receive the following items with your purchase:

    • JLF Link base and shaft (Sanwa Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick not included)
    • Hex key for install
    • Phreakmods Link sticker (while supplies last)

    Positive Reviews

    The Link has already received favorable reviews and news from several sites, including  Check out these sites for additional photos, video coverage and player reviews of The Link:


    Please lubricate your JLF Link prior to use. Dustwasher for JLF-TP-8YT will not fit the Link. JLF-CD series shaft cover will not fit the Link. JLF series dustwasher will fit snug on the Link. FA Nippon ALU series dustwasher will not fit without modification. Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick, balltop or battop is not included with purchase of JLF Link.

    Greasing the JLF Link for Optimal Results

    1. Remove the Link and wipe the base clean
    2. Take a small bit of the FA.DAB .20 Ounce Shin-Etsu Silicone Grease on your finger tip and spin the link base to apply it in a thin coat (from underneath the tapered head down to the e-clip), it's easiest to hold the tip of the base between your other hand's fingers and just spin it. You only need a thin coat, just enough to basically make the piece look "wet."
    3. Re-assemble, making sure there's also a thin layer of grease on the pivot bushing as well for good upkeep measure. 

    Phreakmods is providing us with a helpful video to illustrate the procedure.  Stay tuned.


    Removing 2nd Dustcover insert

    Some JLF series joysticks have a inner dustcover that rests underneath the control panel, right over the pivot bushing. This is prevalent in the MadCatz® TE/SE and QanBa® brand joysticks. Removing that insert from your JLF will ensure normal operation of The Link in your joystick case.  A descriptive guide explaining this is provided with every JLF Link purchase.

    Custom Plexi Dustwashers

    Custom plexi dustwashers may have an adverse affect. If you find it's popping out during play and you have a custom dust washer. Remove said dustwasher and test the compared performance, you should see an improvement. A workaround to this is to put a counter-sink into the inner-diameter of that dustwasher, as it will alleviate problematic pressure on the collar of the Link from that hard angle.   

    Spacing in Shaft When Connected

    When connecting the JLF Link's upper and lower pieces, you may notice a very slight space when attempting to lower the upper piece into the bottom pieces.  Please note that the space is normal, as the upper piece is accomodating the lower piece snugly.  There is no affect on its functionality.  The photo diagram at right - taken by SRK's FreedomGundam - shows how the pieces appear when disconnected (top), and later connected (bottom).  You can view this diagram in the product photo gallery.

    Yes, that's normal operation for now. The collar won't go "all" the way down, it will stop a mm or two short. It shouldn't ever come off while playing though. Future iterations will more than likely change that and it will go down further.. for now it should operate just fine even though it doesn't not.

    Full excerpt and details are available in the official JLF Link forum thread on

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    1. its awesome!

      got mine in just over 2 weeks (shipped em to australia) and mate theyre straight up quality.
      having owned mine for a few days now i feel its fair i leave an honest review.
      big ups to focus attack btw for being really fast with the order and starting the process on the same day that i ordered it. you guys are doing an amazing job! all the excess time it took to get here are due to the shipping and delivery times so honestly fa did the best possible job they could.

      to make it easy here's the goods and the bads.

      + easy to install, its really straight forward, it installs just like any other shaft available which is expected and also very nice.
      + it's built tough, not only does it have an amazingly vibrant colour on it that wont scratch off at all by the looks of it, and the obvious aluminium strength you'd want, the mechanism is also tough as nails, pulling on the stick wont do anything unless you pull up the mechanism, it literally will not pop off no matter how hard you play with it
      + with a ball top on it you wont be accidentally twisting the ball top off EVER, it secures and screws in tough as hell, there's no worries with it whatsoever
      + when you detach the stick its actually really small, like smaller than you'd expect, either the people in videos are midgets or i'm just a giant but you could literally store the detachable part of the stick away in the palm of your hand, its that short, makes it REALLY easy to travel with
      + traveling with your peripheral is now not a nightmare, i used to be scared to have my stick in my bag, often when traveling i'd take breaks and take a look at the inside of my bag and make sure that it was okay, i'd constantly cross my fingers and pray to all the heavens that the stick wouldn't break and now with the link all my worries are a long gone memory. it gives you that feeling of safety and makes it less of a nightmare to carry your stick around anywhere
      + modding is now easier since you can detach the stick. in the past i'd have to lay the heavy device on its face bending the stick just so i could tinker with the parts inside, this was obviously a nightmare every time and i used to make elaborate and often crazy set ups just to avoid bending it. now its just a matter of popping it off and i can work on a nice flat table. its a life changer i swear
      + it just looks good
      + there's almost no reason to not have a detachable stick especially if you plan on traveling around a lot

      now here's the bad parts and these things are often not said in many reviews at all which is strange, wish i knew these earlier but honestly the positives outweigh the cons in this case.

      - with a bat top on the stick is extremely bad, i'm a bat top player and this is a weird issue which somehow exists but shouldn't, the bat top screws down WAAAAY too far and it makes it impossible and uncomfortable to detach the stick while its on.
      - with a bat top, because i'm using an adapter with mine it constantly unscrews off, now because it screws in a lot it wont come off during average gameplay but it will often roll just enough to be really high up, it doesn't impede performance at all, its just a hassle and annoyance to be constantly screwing it back down.
      to be fair though i could probably fix this issue but forging the adaptor with the bat top itself since the adapter stays snug and nice on the link just like a ball top.
      - the spring is strong in the mechanism and gives you the security and trust that it wont get pulled up accidentally, but its a little TOO strong. its the type of strong where unless you have the grip of a croc you wont be finding it easy to pull off at all.
      - the link itself, because its aluminum, is fairly slippery, so without a cloth or something to help you grip it you wont be finding it at all easy to pull off. its good to note that id recommend you use a cloth anyways since it makes it significantly easier to pop off
      - there's some play between within the mechanism. where the spring is you can feel some movement, its really small but its there, obviously its not a solid straight shaft so if thats something that worried you just know that yes that does exist. dont worry too much though as it hasn't messed me up at all with any of my inputs, and a regular stick moves a little anyways.
      - attaching and detaching the shaft feels impossible unless you have a ball top on it. without a ball top on it it feels impossible to take off (it is its just hard) and with a bat top on it you'll find because the bat top screws in so low, finding your grip on the shaft is even harder than usual, and its already hard enough to begin with.

      i'd definitely still recommend this mod to everyone looking to travel with their arcade stick or store it away neatly in a desk or shelf somewhere, or whatever you would need to detach the stick for.
      its fast, neat, you wont need to open up the device and mess with that pesky eclip and you save time. its just great to have and it looks really nice.

      because of myself personally being a bat top player and finding the issues with the bat top and this mod i can't give it a perfect rating, otherwise i would.
      for a ball top player his mod is an instant 5/5 stars.

      on Dec 13th 2017

    2. Worked as advertized

      overall solid build quality alnd looks very nice on Dec 9th 2017

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